so, dance4life, who are you?

My name is Natasha and this is my dance4life story. 

The facts : I’m an englishwoman, who has made the Netherlands home for the past  15 years. I am a busy mum and wife.  I joined the dance4life international team 4 years ago and have been working in the communications team now for nearly 2 years.  But to be honest, this doesn’t tell you too much about who I really am…let’s try again. Cold rosé, earrings, wild flowers, bright bright colours, fresh bread, SHOES, silly jokes, knitting, sushi, HANDBAGS, a good book….getting the picture? It’s a start anyway.

But enough of me, let’s talk dance4life…just what do we do and why? dance4life empowers young people to push back HIV/AIDS : as the single largest group infected and affected by the virus, a huge part of the potential solution lies with young people. That’s exactly why dance4life involves them. Through international schools programmes and media campaigns, dance4life creates awareness, educates, raises political support and funds. The schools programmes are built around a 4 step approach: inspire, educate, activate and celebrate. Young people who have participated in the schools programme become an agent4change, creating social change worldwide. 

So where do I come into the dance4life equation? The international team, headquartered in Amsterdam, supports local teams running the dance4life programme worldwide.  As a member of the communications team, I do my utmost best to support my dance4life colleagues worldwide and get dance4life out there. So hence this blog.  Not only my story, but dance4life’s story.  It’s a great ride – hope you can join me…. 

ps : next stop on the dance4life ride for me is Vienna – at the International AIDS Conference 2010…more news to follow very soon….



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3 responses to “so, dance4life, who are you?

  1. Dear Natasha,
    Great you started your personal blog about dance4life! Can’t wait to read more! Cu in Vienna.


  2. Hi Natasha, am really looking forward reading more about your experiences in Vienna. Hope they are as great as your visit to dance4life Kenya and dance4life Zimbabwe!!! Good luck in Vienna! ciao, Katinka

  3. kacem4change

    Very inspiring and glad that you started blogging. You inspired me to reactivate my blog 😉

    Good Job,


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