A big thank you!

Thanks Marlies for the wonderful account of your time in Zambia. It was great to hear about the fantastic things dance4life Zambia are doing.  Also maybe handy to let the reader know that you too faced the “frustrations” of lack of internet access during your trip – a challenge that dance4life wrestles with too as we try and connect young people worldwide! But just as dance4life does, Marlies found a solution of course – wait until she was back in the Netherlands to post her story!

We will of course keep you updated about any friends activities – I’m sure there will be a lot more to tell!

This is probably time too to give you a quick update on what we are all up to at the international office in Amsterdam.  It’s busy, busy, busy! The countdown is on to our biannual international event when all the active young people worldwide celebrate their achievements together in pushing back the spread of HIV and AIDS. On 27th November, connected LIVE by satellite, these young people will see each other face to face and dance4life together! Such a  special moment, seeing and feeling the collective power of tens of thousands of young people. Goosebumps.

Want to get a preview of what will be happening on November 27th ? Take a look at our youtube channel for a taster of the amazing things to come…www.youtube.com/dance4life

And I’ll be back soon…with more about the run up to the 2010 event….don’t miss it!


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