3 days to go…the adrenalin is kicking in!

With only 3 days to go to the worldwide dance4life event, the adrenalin is definitely starting to kick in : it’s no mean feat connecting over 20 countries with each other live via satellite, not to mention the hard working local dance4life organisations who are also organising fantastic events in each country. Terms such as SNG vans, satellite coordinates, world feeds…once a foreign language, but now rolling with ease off the tongue of some of the dance4life team!

But let’s not forget WHY we are all working so hard to make this a special day : we are CELEBRATING. Young people all over the world are making a difference – taking the future in their own hands and creating change within their communities. In a week when UNAIDS released information about HIV infection rates having fallen in the last 10 years, and the Pope addressing condom use, change is becoming tangible. It’s up to young people to take this forward – youth are, after all, the most infected and affected by the pandemic. So let’s all take a moment on Saturday to salute these young people and recognise that their achievements, however small, are part of something much bigger.

Join us Saturday 27th November on http://www.dance4life.com and watch LIVE at 6-6.35 PM GMT / 7-7.35 PM CET (GMT+1).


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