Things are hotting up here in the Netherlands. The  new Dutch government are controversially planning a second round of budget cuts on international aid meant for entrepreneurial men and women living in developing countries, and the organisations supporting them. In reaction to this, Dutch development organisations have joined forces to stop further budget cuts.


After a first round of budget cuts was announced in early November, the government is now planning to cut the budget even more. This would result in a net reduction of over a third of the total development budget.

By cutting the budget, the Dutch government is abandoning those who are seeking to make a decent living under difficult circumstances. It is abandoning brave individuals who dare to take up issues where their governments fail. And it is abandoning activists fighting for human rights, struggling against corruption and working to improve governance.

dance4life are one of the many organisations actively opposing the government plans.  Eveline Aendekerk, director of dance4life international spoke to Vice Versa, about the cuts (article in dutch).  We have also been tweeting, blogging, and using all our avenues to generate awareness for the ENOUGH is ENOUGH campaign. Because something needs to be done.

Today, in the Hague, members of the government from all parties are debating the budget cuts.  This should prove interesting, with the majority of the cabinet opposing the cuts.  I’m sure that I’ll be coming back to the results of this debate in the near future…

Join the action!

If you want to support the opposition to further budget cuts on international cooperation, you can! Go to the Genoeg is Genoeg website and see what you can do…every little bit helps!

Thank you!


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