And not to forget my colleagues in Ethiopia…

So, we have heard from Jacquelien and Susan in Pakistan.  But what about my other colleagues visiting Ethiopia? Well, Ethiopia is proving to be more of a challenge in terms of internet connections…but Kate did manage to get this message to me yesterday…thanks Kate!

“We have had an interesting couple of days in Addis Ababa meeting with the Dutch Embassy, Packard Foundation, Family Guidance Association (IPPF member organisation in Ethiopia) and DKT, who work on social marketing. We have also been discussing with our local partner, Youth Network for Sustainable Development, about how to implement the dance4life concept in the pastoralist context of Afar.

Tomorrow we will be doing the long drive to Afar (literally!) with AMREF, our partners in the MFS II programme, to experience the area for ourselves and learn about the reality of implementing dance4life in this situation. Update to follow…”

I will be posting any more information that comes in from Ethiopia, so watch this space. Although with my colleagues in Afar for the next couple of days (apparently the place lives up to its name), I expect the wires to be rather quiet!

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