And we thought we’d left the crocodiles in Ethiopia…

As I wrote yesterday, my colleague Rupert is visiting dance4life kenya in Nairobi with DJ Chuckie and Duncan from Sensation.  Rupert had managed to get some more stories through to me: from testing to tour teams…and of course the crocodiles…

“Yesterday we drove to a VCT (Voluntary counselling and testing) clinic, stopping off at the Mathare slum on the way,where there was a lot of violence during the post election riots in 2007. The clinic is near the slum, and helps about 7000 people a month. The dance4life tour team have their office and equipment store there and they do various other youth activities on site. This is really important as it makes it easier for young people to come to the clinic to get tested.

We were shown around the clinic, saw how the testing is done- a small prick on your finger to draw blood and within minutes the results are clear to see on the test paper, similar to a pregnancy test. If you do test positive then there is further counselling, support groups and most importantly – medicine.

We asked about the age when young people in the area first have sex, and were told as young as 10 – not always by choice. More girls are being infected than boys because of forced sex and paid sex, some girls living on their own          have to pay the rent and other bills and so take on multiple boyfriends who give them cash presents.

The rest of the day was spent visiting an agent4change’s home and his school where DJ Chuckie raised the roof – that iswhen the electricity didn’t go off!

We went for dinner and ate some local delicacies, including crocodile. It was only at the end of the evening that our Kenyan colleagues explained that they didn’t eat the crocodile because they know people who have themselves been eaten by crocodiles, and it’s a bit like cannibalism..!”

Thanks Rupert!

Next stop Peru…so if you want to know more, watch this space next week…


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One response to “And we thought we’d left the crocodiles in Ethiopia…

  1. Jan

    Nice getting so involved through this Blog and making a stop at the local VCT.

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