Next stop…dance4life Peru…welcome on board!

Colleagues Katinka and Laura are visiting Peru for a start up meeting.  And from what they tell us, it certainly looks like dance4life Peru is on it’s way…

“Sitting with the dance4life Peru team in a cab, sweaty and dusty, we are thinking over the week. Today the press release was sent out and we have hardly had the time to diggest all the amazing experiences and how we moved forward. 

As of this week APROPO is our implementing partner in Peru. They are a family planning organisation with 27 years of experience and they are present in all cities in Peru with a focus on the vulnerable areas.

dance4life Peru will start in San Martin de Porres, a community in the north of Lima. where the programme will be implemented in schools. A network of youth leaders, linked to the local community centre will be implementing the programme and the participating youth will be involved in the youth network in order to create a sustainable programme. The team will start inspire in April.

 The local law system is very strict in sexual contacts (not before 18) and therefore the peruvian government is very conservative regarding comprehensive sexuality education in the schools. However, the changes to get into the schools in San Martin de Porres seems to be working as the education has been decentralized. 

We had excellent workshops with UNFPA, UNAIDS and the human rights department of the Dutch embassy, who all are very supportive. We also met with several corporates, the biggest press agency and the ministry of health. Last but not least: the director of the National AIDS Strategy, an interview with journalists of a big newspaper, a television interview AND we visited the youth community center where the pilot will take place. We gave a presentation at the community centre and they are thrilled to take dance4life forward and grow the movement.

 “I think it is excellent how youth are being motivated by dance and music to take action against HIV!” – Jaime, youth leader, 24 years de San Martin de Porres/Lima. 

Also, we made loads of friends, enjoyed the fantastic peruvian food, the hospitality of the peruvians and were very impressed by the experience and commitment of the whole team of our partner APROPO. And next week, they will participate at our international meeting in Amsterdam so everyone gets to meet them!

Oh and…to comfort the dance4life international team: we didn’t see any indigenous peruvian crocodiles…”


Thanks Katinka and Laura! Great stuff!

Next week, the dance4life international meeting will take place in Amsterdam. Representatives from 26 dance4life countries AND the youth council will join us to brainstorm, plan and, of course, have FUN! I will be updating you on events next week, so keep tuned!



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3 responses to “Next stop…dance4life Peru…welcome on board!

  1. Eveline

    Great story and fantastic news Peru is officially on board now, it sounds like we can implement a susdtainable and impactful progromme there! Have a safe trip home!

  2. Colin

    Sounds like a great trip and a very solid start for dance4life Peru. Will look forward to meeting them at the international meeting. shame you didn’t see crocodiles wandering the streets of Lima! Safe trip home.

  3. Katinka and Laura, it was really nice to met you guys! It was a busy week, but it gave us a lot of imputs to have a great start here in Peru. So we are all looking forward to hear the news that Carola will bring us from Amsterdam! I want to thank for all the good vibes sent to us as new parteners! Best wishes for you all too!

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