The dance4life international meeting : one youth council member’s story…

On the 14th of February, the week long international meeting kicked off in Amsterdam. dance4life representatives from 27 countries, and the dance4life youth council members spent 5 days planning, brainstorming and exchanging ideas. It was an inspiring week!

We were all very proud to have members of the youth council at the meeting for the first time. Their presence and input during the week brought a very valuable dimension to all the discussions. One of the youth council members, Zganga Taonga Mvula from Zambia, shared her experience of the first couple of days of the week with us :

“The Youth Council meeting kicked off with a wonderful feeling of excitement because everyone was  happy to see everyone else.  This was followed by an inspiring welcome from Eveline (Director of dance4life international), she started by  stressing how important it was  that we had attended the international meeting  and  how it was in

correspondence with one of the UNAIDS outlook Breaking news which said  ‘young people are leading the HIV prevention revolution’.  She mentioned how happy she was that we were being involved  because as  young people we have the greatest potential!

We started the meeting with a session in which  Natasha facilitated  on the dance4life platform, as a tool to help drive the movement (awesome!).  This was met by a positive response from the youth council members (obviously), as mostof the youth council felt it  was a great way to show- case activities by agents4change and other people involved/interested in dance4life(whether young or older) as well as exchange ideas and be heard.  In the same discussion, for the purpose of reaching even agents for change who are unable to access the internet, an offline newsletter is to be developed as of this year (yet another brilliant idea).  It will document stories of activities by agents 4change and dance4life activities that drive the movement.

With regards to evaluating, the NCO youth council relationships were analysed through the experience youth council members shared.  To help us achieve our goal or even just our plans, we need to identify who the stakeholders are, and devise how best we can work with them to drive the movement. We wrapped up Monday with dinner as YC.

Today (Tuesday), we had an interesting day at dance4life International office. We had a photo shoot and a session about time management. Then we reviewed and re- worked on our individual country plans where possible. After that, we looked at the transition and changes made regarding the next youth council year. In the evening, we had a beautiful dinner at a pancake-restaurant(surprisingly dinner was not just pancakes), it also turned out to be an actual karaoke boat as well. Boy did we have an amazing time out there whilst singing The Final Countdown, Barbie Girl, Paradise By the Dashboard Light, Wannabe and other instant classics. Definitely memorable!”

Thank you Zganga, for sharing your story! And your wonderful voice during the karaoke!



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2 responses to “The dance4life international meeting : one youth council member’s story…

  1. Katinka

    Hi Zganga, excellent blog, thanks! For us it was also great meeting you and to see the youth council in action. Hope you will carry on with the same entusiasm as you ar doing now! Best, hug Katinka

  2. Judith

    Hi Zganga,

    Thanks for the blog! Am very happy to be a mentor of the Youth Council and looking forward to all the things you guys are going to do the coming months! Good luck!


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