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24 hours to go…

This will be a quick one – as you can probably imagine, it’s all hands on deck as we start counting down the last 24 hours to the kick off of the dance4life event worldwide.  This year, in order to allow for all the time differences, we are actually having 2 satellite links 6 hours apart. We kick off at 1pm CET with the first link up – so that’s less than 24 hours away now (deep breath…) The second one is at 7pm CET – and is available to view LIVE on www.dance4life.com.

I must admit, the butterflies are starting…

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of all these young people on Saturday 27th November!

And to get you in the mood for tomorrow:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-IzXf11oiE

..are you listening???


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3 days to go…the adrenalin is kicking in!

With only 3 days to go to the worldwide dance4life event, the adrenalin is definitely starting to kick in : it’s no mean feat connecting over 20 countries with each other live via satellite, not to mention the hard working local dance4life organisations who are also organising fantastic events in each country. Terms such as SNG vans, satellite coordinates, world feeds…once a foreign language, but now rolling with ease off the tongue of some of the dance4life team!

But let’s not forget WHY we are all working so hard to make this a special day : we are CELEBRATING. Young people all over the world are making a difference – taking the future in their own hands and creating change within their communities. In a week when UNAIDS released information about HIV infection rates having fallen in the last 10 years, and the Pope addressing condom use, change is becoming tangible. It’s up to young people to take this forward – youth are, after all, the most infected and affected by the pandemic. So let’s all take a moment on Saturday to salute these young people and recognise that their achievements, however small, are part of something much bigger.

Join us Saturday 27th November on http://www.dance4life.com and watch LIVE at 6-6.35 PM GMT / 7-7.35 PM CET (GMT+1).

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The final countdown…

It is now less than 6 days to go until the 27th November, when tens of thousands of young people worldwide will unite via satellite to celebrate their achievements in pushing back the spread of HIV and AIDS.  From the USA to Vietnam, Zimbabwe to Germany, young people will have the experience of a lifetime on Saturday.  And boy, do these young people deserve it. All around the world, they’ve been taking action to push back HIV and AIDS. Whether it be fundraising, lobbying, volunteering or simply talking to a friend about  using a condom, every single one of these young people present on Saturday has made a contribution to halting HIV. What a fantastic gathering of creativity and determination.  And of change makers.

You too can be part of this magical moment – the satellite link  will be streamed LIVE on the dance4life website: www.dance4life.com at 6-6.35 PM GMT / 7-7.35 PM CET (GMT+1).  And, until then, take a look at what Helena, Sharon, Felix and Stephen have to say about what’s coming up…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgOUYNG52v0


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so, dance4life, who are you?

My name is Natasha and this is my dance4life story. 

The facts : I’m an englishwoman, who has made the Netherlands home for the past  15 years. I am a busy mum and wife.  I joined the dance4life international team 4 years ago and have been working in the communications team now for nearly 2 years.  But to be honest, this doesn’t tell you too much about who I really am…let’s try again. Cold rosé, earrings, wild flowers, bright bright colours, fresh bread, SHOES, silly jokes, knitting, sushi, HANDBAGS, a good book….getting the picture? It’s a start anyway.

But enough of me, let’s talk dance4life…just what do we do and why? dance4life empowers young people to push back HIV/AIDS : as the single largest group infected and affected by the virus, a huge part of the potential solution lies with young people. That’s exactly why dance4life involves them. Through international schools programmes and media campaigns, dance4life creates awareness, educates, raises political support and funds. The schools programmes are built around a 4 step approach: inspire, educate, activate and celebrate. Young people who have participated in the schools programme become an agent4change, creating social change worldwide. 

So where do I come into the dance4life equation? The international team, headquartered in Amsterdam, supports local teams running the dance4life programme worldwide.  As a member of the communications team, I do my utmost best to support my dance4life colleagues worldwide and get dance4life out there. So hence this blog.  Not only my story, but dance4life’s story.  It’s a great ride – hope you can join me…. 

ps : next stop on the dance4life ride for me is Vienna – at the International AIDS Conference 2010…more news to follow very soon….


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